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DRAGONBALL Z ACTION FIGURES, TOYS & FIGURES Much action to behold in the phenomenon that is Dragonball Z. The Ultimate Power In the Universe! The DragonBalls; seven mystical orbs which, when brought together, can grant their possessor infinite mastery of the cosmos. On the trail of this great treasure-- two ruthless warlords with the ability to destroy entire worlds, and who will stop at nothing to attain the power of the Dragon Balls. Opposing them- a tiny band of Earth's greatest martial arts heroes-determined Krillin, reckless Yamcha, brave Tien, cowardly Yajirobe and the alien Piccolo. Their leader-Goku, Saiyan warrior born to battle and destruction, now sworn defender of his adopted world. Pure of heart, with super-honed battle skills and extraordinary mental powers. check out the Dragonball Z action figures and toys, figures, & cards.

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