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SHREK TOYS & FIGURES Like The Muppet Show or The Simpsons, Shrek is tiered with visual appeal, fantasy, and sophisticated humor that appeals to children and adults on two mutually exclusive levels. The evil Lord Farquaad, a 4-foot tall anal-retentive tyrant, wants his kingdom of Dulok to include no fairy tale creatures. The trouble is, he isn't a king! Therefore, he must marry the Princess -but she has a dark secret of her own. Meet Shrek, a feisty, hideous ogre, walking out of his hut, doing his morning ritual of breakfast, brushing his teeth with squished bugs, farting and belching. Shrek sets off to confront Farquaad about getting the creatures out of his swamp. On the way, he saves Donkey's life, and finds he now has a new best friend -and unwanted sidekick.

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