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Re-Vamped series with its own new anime series there is a great range of Zoids playsets, Zoids toys, Zoids figurers and Zoids Kits. The Zoids toys include the Hover Craft Playset, 020 Liger Zero Jager, 042 Command Wolf, 041 Liger Zero, 030 Gun Sniper, 004 Dark Horn, 035 Lightning Saix. the Zoids Kits include Hel Digunner, 040 Warshak, 042 Command Wolf, 019 Raynos, Godos, Molga, Guysack, Shield Liger, Zaber Fang and Gustav - Welcome to the Zoids zone!

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Zoids Toys & Kits by Tomy
One of the greatest series from the 80s is back for the enjoyment of all ages! These highly detailed model kits by Tomy are plastic snap-together kits. Collect your favorite Zoids from either the Side of the Empire or the Side of the Republic!