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"TRANSFORMERS BATTLE ON! This year the battle rages on with OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS against MEGATRON and the DECEPTICONS for control of the universe and the power source provided by the MINI-CON TRANSFORMERS vehicles. But there's a new twist -- kids and adult fans alike will be thrilled with the fall 2003 return of UNICRON, the most evil TRANSFORMERS characters ever, in Hasbro's toy line and in new episodes of the animated program on Cartoon Network, "TRANSFORMERS ARMADA: THE UNICRON BATTLES."
In the TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE. UNICRON has devised an evil plot to harness all the "energon" in the universe in order to increase his own power. Knowing that when TRANSFORMERS battle they emit energon, he summons DECEPTICONS from all parts of TRANSFORMERS history. PRIMUS responds by building his own army of AUTOBOTS. This is building into the biggest battle the universe has ever seen."

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TRANSFORMERS ARMADA MAX-CON FIGURES WAVE 3 Each large-scale Max-Con figure includes a companion transforming Mini-Con figure! This wave is scheduled to include: Scavenger (w/Rollbar), Thundercracker (w/Zapmaster), Weapons Base, and SkyWarp (w/new Mini-Con). Window box packaging.

TRANSFORMERS: THE UNICRON BATTLES - Deluxe &Ultra TRANSFORMERS: THE UNICRON BATTLES Deluxe and Ultra Figures Wave 1 - This year, the battle for control of the Mini-cons heats up with the coming of the planet-sized Transformers, Unicron! The ultimate evil in the universe hungers for Mini-cons and will stop at nothing to get them all! All-Star figures from past Transformers collections, including Generation 2, Beast Wars, Beast Machines and Robots in Disguise! The Deluxe assortment is scheduled to include: Snarl, Reptillion, Slverbolt, Dinobot Striker, and Blackarachnia. Each figure comes with an interactive CD that tells the story of how these characters came to be together! The Ultra Assortment is scheduled to include: Optimus Primal, Razorclaw, Tankor/Obsidan 2-pack and Depthcharge

TF ARMADA MINI-CON FIGURES WAVE 3 - SOME NOW IN! Each Mini-Con changes into a robot! Some 3-packs combine together while others have special features! Plug any Mini-Con into a regular-size transformer to add a new battle feature! This wave is scheduled to include: Street Speed Team: Backtrack/ Spiral/ Oval; Adventure Team: Dune Runner/ Ransack/ Iceberg; Space Team: Astroscope/ SkyBlast/ Payload; Sea Team: Stormcloud/ Waterlog/ Oceanglide; Night-Attack Team: Fetch/ Broadside/ Scattor; Air-Assault Team: Jetstorm/ Runway/ Sonar; Emergency Team: Makeshift/ Prowl/ Firebot; and Air Military Team: Thunderwing/ Gunbarrel/ Terradive. Blister card packaging.


TRANSFORMERS ARMADA SUPER-CON FIGURES WAVE 4 Each Super-Con figure includes an exclusive Mini-Con! This wave is scheduled to include: Blurr (w/Dragster), Optimus Prime (w/Over-Run), Thrust (w/Inferno), Airazor (w/Mini-Con), Cheetor (w/Mini-Con), Wheeljack (w/Windsheer), Hoist (w/Refute), and Rhinox (w/Mini-Con). Blister card packaging.

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The Decepticons’ "creature of the night" comes to life!
With his enhanced stealth and radar capabilities (not to mention proton bombs), Ravage is one of Soundwave’s most powerful cassette-bots, and an invaluable asset to the Decepticons in their war to crush the "inferior" Autobots! Sculpted by Jason Ray, this 5 ¼" cold cast porcelain statue of Ravage is limited to only 2,000 copies. Includes a full-color collector’s box. Painted and ready to display. Scheduled to ship in July 2003.

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