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Based on the classic stories in the SHOWCASE PRESENTS Library! Four DC characters are presented here as they were portrayed by some of their top artists! This inaugural series includes Superman by Curt Swan, Batgirl by Carmine Infantino, Hawkman by Joe Kubert, and Jonah Hex by Tony DeZuniga.

These Deluxe Batman figures stand approximately 6" tall and feature detailed styling with authentic sculpting and high-tech gadgetry. There are three different figures in the assortment, each one including a different kind of armor and innovative accessories. Tek Armor Batman, Stealth Armor Batman, Night Patrol Batman. Blister card packaging.

Introducing a new line of action figures direct from the pages of the best-selling "Hush" story arc and designed by fan-favorite Jim Lee! Batman, Gotham City’s grim defender, must stalk the trail of the masked Hush in a heroic quest for redemption and justice! The Batman Hush Action Figures

Manufactured by Japanese toy manufacturer Yamato exclusively for the Japanese toy market, these limited-edition Batman figures are now available under special arrangement with DC Direct!

Worlds lived! Worlds died! In 1985, the DC Universe was rocked to its foundation by the cataclysmic events played out in Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s multi-universe collision in Crisis on Infinite Earths. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of this critically acclaimed masterpiece, DC Comics introduces this exciting new series of action figures showcasing the heroes and villains that played a prominent role in defining the continuity of the DC Universe. Series 1 Crisis on Infinite Earths action figures include Harbinger figure, Psycho-Pirate figure, Supergirl figure, Earth 2 Robin figure and Monitor figure.

Celebrate the landmark first appearances of DC Comics’ legendary icons in this series of stunning action figures depicting the most popular heroes in their original, debut costumes! This third series includes: Composite Superman (1964 World’s Finest #142); Cassandra Cain, the all-new Batgirl (1999’s Batman #567); Nightwing (1984’s Tales of the Teen Titans #44); and The Riddler (Batman #171).

A new series of stunning Green Lantern Action Figures from DC Direct is here! Since his appearance in All American Comics # 16, Green Lantern has remained one of the most popular characters in the DC universe. Each figure is in scale. Hal Jordan, Black Hand and Parallax all stand approximately 6.5" tall. The Kilowog is 7.25" all and Ganthet & Guardian are 4.3" tall. Each figure features multiple points of articulation and includes a display base.

The popular Green Lantern action figure line continues with a brand-new third series! The series features Cyborg Superman, Batman as a Green Lantern, Sinestro and Star Sapphire, all from Geoff Johns’ historic run on GREEN LANTERN and featured prominently in the popular "Sinestro Corps War" story arc!

DC Direct's JLA: The New Frontier action figures include Green Lantern actiion figure, Green Arrow action figure, Wonder Woman action figure, Blackhawk action figure and Superman action figure

Designed by artist extraordinaire Alex Ross, this exciting JUSTICE LEAGUE SERIES 1: ALEX ROSS ACTION FIGURES series is sure to be the most sought after line of DC characters figures ever! Justice League Alex Ross series 1 includes Superman figure, Bizarro figure, Flash action figure and Sinestro action figure and Cheetah action figure.

Teen Titans Massive Feature figures, Teen Titans Comic book Heroes figures, Teen Titans T-Vehicles, Teen Titans Battling Machines

KINGDOM COME ACTION FIGURES WAVE 3 - Includes Armored Wonder Woman, Deadman, The Flash, and Magog.- KINGDOM COME ACTION FIGURES WAVE 3

Take a glimpse behind the cowl in this second series of action figures showcasing the secret identities and origins of DC Comics’ most renowned heroes and villains. Martian Manhunter Action Figure, Bruce Wayne Batman, Red Hood Joker figure, Clark Kent Superman figure.

Mark Waid's and Alex Ross's unique and enduring vision of the DC Universe's dark, possible future comes to spectacular life with the KINGDOM COME ACTION FIGURES.

Direct from the pages of DC Comics' highly acclaimed series and graphic novels comes the Kingdom Come action figures by DC Direct. Based on artwork by Alex Ross. Kingdom Come Series 1 features Superman (7 inches tall), Wonder Woman (6.5 inches tall with golden lasso and base), Hawkman (7.25 inches tall with non-removable necklace and 8 inch spear) and Green Lantern (6.5 inches tall with translucent green PVC sword)... exactly as they appear in the pages of the comics! All figures are 1:12 scale and have multiple points of articulation. Packaged in a 4-color window box, these figures are exquisitely sculpted and finely detailed.

Rising Stars Action figures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys and action figures - check that sewer here comes Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Shredder, Splinter, Foot Soldier, Shell Cycle and Sewer Slider. The latest & greatest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figure and toys!

LET THE TURTLES SHOW YOU THE WAY OF THE NINJA! - Better watch out bad guys, 'cause the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES® are going to kick some butt! They've come to flip, spin, kick, and crush the evil Foot Soldiers® and Shredder! They won't stop until all of New York City is safe. TURTLES RULE!

Bluntman & Chronic Action Figures

JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKES BACK: CLERKS INACTION FIGURES SERIES 4 - The non-stop whorish strip-mining of all that was once good and true in the Askewniverse continues, with the increasingly confusingly-named Clerks InAction Figures, Series 4: Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back InAction Figures! All figures measure roughly 5” tall and feature zero articulation (just like director Kevin Smith himself)! Each set includes: Bluntman, Chronic, Willenholly, Sissy, Chrissy, Missy and Justice figures.

It's a long way from the firing line of conservative protest groups to the toy and comic stores of Middle America, but View Askew and Graphitti Designs have bridged the two to bring you Wave 3 in the festering "Clerks" InAction Figures line, "Dogma".

Send Bartleby on a vengence-crazed bloodbath! Make Loki down a fifth of vodka! Let Jay pump lead into angelic wings! Have Silent Bob open demonic chests with his blessed golf club! And stink up the joint with NoMan, the Poop Monster from Hell! And watch it all happen with stock-still inaction, thanks to zero points of articulation! Sit 'em on your computer! Trade 'em with your friends! Bring 'em to church! The Dogma Inaction Figures bring Heaven and Hell right into your own home!

Prepare Thyself! Dying to recreate your own battle between good and evil? Have you always wanted to go on a misson from God? Now you can with your very own set of DOGMA Inaction Figures! The third in a line of unarticulated but finely crafted figures can now be yours. Included in this release are:

Bartleby - with wings spread, Loki - Drunk off his ass and wings that have been cut off, The Golgathan - sculpted poop at it's finest, Silent Bob - with the blessed golf driver covered with demonic goo and Jay - with an uzi.

Marvel Comics Action figures including Marvel Select, Marvel Legends action figures, Spider-man action figures

Available again DC Direct action figures; great range of comic related action figures, DC action figures from DC Comics

Action figures from Image Comics

Action figures from Independent Comics


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