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Movie action figures, toys, collectables - action figures, toys, collectables from great movies such as Kill Bill, Freddy Krueger - Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason Voorhees - Friday the 13th, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pulp Fiction, Scar Face, Ash - Army of Darkness, Sin City, Serenity, Robocop, Robots, Halloween, The Great Escape, The Fly, The Crow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many more latest and greatest movies ...

24 Season 1 minimates box set, 24 playing cards, 24 action figures, Jack Bauer

Alien & Predator figures, Alien collectables, Alien vs Predator figures, Alien vs Predator collectables

Anime, Manga action figures, collectables, statues

Barbie Dolls including Barbie DC Comics, Barbie as Catwoman

Batman action figures, Batman collectables

Battlestar Galactica figures and collectibles from the hit televison series Battlestar Galaxtica.

These remote control robots stand approximately 6"-8" tall, and feature interchangeable weapons, armor, and accessories that pop off as "damage" is inflicted during combat! This line perfectly captures the essence of the characters gamers see immersed in Battle Wheels video brawls!

Scheduled to ship in September 2007.

Betty Boop figures and collectables

Bobbleheads, Wacky Wobblers, Head Knockers

BTVS: Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures, statues, dolls, collectables including Angel figures, collectables

Action figures and collectables from the tv series Charmed

Classic heroes from comics and tv such as Tarzan...

Classic monsters from the great horror movies, including, Jakks Pacific, famous for their WWE action figures, goes back to the dark side with their series of Classic Monsters action figures, featuring some of the most famous monsters on the planet and more

DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and Independent Comics figures and collectables including Joseph Michael Linsner’s fantasy-filled Dawn and Darrian action figures

figures and collectables inspired by great Video Games and Computer Games, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Capcom, Street Fighter, Metal Gear Solid, .Dot-Hack, HALO 2, Kingdom Hearts, Armored Core, Player Select, Ninja Gaiden, Mortal Combat, God of War Kratos, Halo 3, Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft, Lara Croft, Devil May Cry...

The 7 inch scale figures portray some of the most frightening characters from cult films, and come with movie-accurate accessories and bases.

DC Comics action figures, busts, statues, collectibles from DC Direct

These action figures recreate Dexter Morgan, portrayed by Michael C. Hall, in the hit Showtime series Dexter. This dark drama see Dexter, a forensics expert for the Miami Police Department, happen to be a serial killer himself, who hunts down other serial killers on the loose in Miami! The Dexter figure stands at 7" tall and comes with series specific accessories.

Due to ship October 2008

Marvel Universe busts, X-Men 3 movie busts, Marvel Select figures, Marvel Icons busts, Ghost Rider figures, busts, statues, New Avengers series statues, Dark Phoenix Saga statues, Marvel Milestones statues, Marvel Origins statues, Sinister Six series statues, Marvel Zombies statues, Alex Ross mini-head busts, Marvel Mini-Mates, Marvel Premier collection statues, Transformers statues, Spider-Man 3 Busts, Figures, Spider-Man 3 movie collectibles, X-Men 3 Busts, statues, X-Men 3 movie collectibles

Doctor Who action figures, Dr Who Cookie Jars, Tardis, Dalek, Cyberman - Dr Who toys, figures, Dr Who Collectibles

Here come the newest members of Emily's pack of spooky kitties! Choose from Nee Chee Spider Kitty and Mummy's Little Monster. Each of the Patchwork Kitties are approximately 8" tall in a sitting position and are ready to be your purr-fect companion!

Family Guy figures, Family Guy collectables

Final Fantasy collectables, Final Fantasy figures

Futurama series 5 action figures is a double dose of robot goodness. Bender fights crime as a member of the New Justice Team in his guise as Super King and Calculon dazzles the masses with his amazing acting talent. Each figure features multiple points of articulation and character specific accessories. Each figure also includes one of the components neccessary to create that holiday horror Robot Santa!

Scheduled to ship January 2009

Character Monopoly, board games, games

Space 1999, Thunderbirds, UFO, Captain Scarlet, Supercar, Stingray, Fireball XL5, Gerry Anderson TV Series Toys, figures and collectibles

Latest Begoths, Bleeding Edge Goths Dolls, Figures, Collectables

Gremlins movie figures, plush, collectables, Gizmo, Brain ..

Gundam model kits & figures

Happy Tree Friends figures, collectables

Hellraiser figures, Hellraiser collectables, Pinhead collectables

Collectibles and action figures relating to the massively popular Heroes.

12 inch Highlander figures by Sideshow Collectibles include Connor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod. NECA bring you the Medieval Showdown Boxed Set of Medieval Kurgan vs. Medieval Connor MacLeod.

Hot Toys products range includes the articulated 12-inch scale figures to beautifully sculpted, highly detailed dioramas. These fine movie collectibles include the Alien Warrior 16-inch Fully Poseable Model Kit, Drake 12-inch Fully Poseable Model Kit, Endoskeleton Poseable Model Kit, Elder Predator and Throne Model Kit, Robocop w/ Flight Pack 12-inch Model Kit, ALIENS Power Loader - Poseable Model Kit, Rocky Balboa 12-inch Figure, Clubber Lang 12-inch Figure, Apollo Creed 12-inch Figure, Ivan Drago 14-inch Figure, John J. Rambo - Rambo III 12-inch Figure, Predator 2 14-inch model kit, Prison Break Lincoln Burrows, Prison Break Michael Scofield.

From director Rob Zombie comes action figures and collectables based on his film House of 1,000 Corpses.

James Bond 007 figures, dolls and collectables

Collectable Krypt Kiddies Dolls

Kubricks, Marvel Kubricks, Spider-man ...

Welcome to the Inbetween Place. Here you will find beautiful 14" finely sculpted Little Apple Dolls complete with Little Apple accessories.

Living Dead Dolls, LDD Fashion Victims, LDD Dollies, Mini Living Dead Dolls, LDD Rag Dolls

Lord of the Rings action figures, Lord of the Rings statues from Sideshow WETA, LOTR Environments, LOTR Collectables, Lord of the Rings Helms

Lost action figures from the TV series Lost

Based on the Irwin Allen sci-fi series, Lost in Space, this series features classic characters from the television series.

Characters from Magic: The Gathering, the world’s first and best-selling CCG, come to life in this series of Magic the Gathereing action figures!

Marvel Legends figures, Marvel Meta Morphs figures, Marvel Minimates, Marvel Super Hero Showdown packs, Marvel Studios 12-inch figures, Marvel Figure Factory

Masters of the Universe Battle Bones Transport; Masters of the Universe Enemies and Heroes figures

McFarlane Toys action figures, McFarlane Movie Maniacs, McFarlane Monsters

Although once decried as an unthinkable premise in plastic hobby modeling, Monster Scenes have been on hobbyists' must-have lists since their controversial introduction in 1971. Finally, after more than three decades, hobbyists and modelers are about to see their wildest dreams come true! If you have a taste for the unusual and aren't afraid to teeter on the edge of the unseemly and the insane, then welcome to this little dungeon of diabolical delights! Don't recoil — it's only Monster Scenes, a collection of delightfully devious assembly kits that work together in creepy combinations for some frightfully good fun. Come, acquaint yourself with a deranged doctor, his unsuspecting guest, and his assemblage of unique "playthings" that will make you gasp — for more! Choose from Dr. Deadly, The Victim, or The Pendulum, and add some unforgettable frights to your collection! Best of all, these model kits require no cement and feature simple, snap-together assembly. Now, who could possibly object to that? Some assembly required.

Scheduled to ship November 2008.

action figures and collectables inspired by Monty Python's Flying Circus

Muhammad Ali is portayed here in this highly detailed 18" tall action figure with voice chip technology, Muhammad Ali statue

These Music Action Figures and Music Figures include Snoop Dog Figure, Elvis figures, Beatles figures, Jimi Hendrix figures, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden Eddie figures, Sex Pistols, Freddie Mercury, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon ...

figures, toys & collectables from Naruto

Tim Burton’s stop-animation classic presents a selection of great Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles, NBX figures, Nightmare Before Xmas toys!

Now Playing action figures, Now Playing figures, They first came to life up on the movie screen- heroes, villains, creatures, monsters and madmen. These film characters were bigger, badder and cooler than we ever thought possible. And courtesy of SOTA Toys, they are NOW PLAYING! Horror cinema stars have a new home to become collectible Now Playing action figures: Now Playing figures! Classic characters from some of your favorite horror films are featured here!

Figures and Collectables from The Pirates of the Caribbean movies including The Curse of the Black Pearl figures and collectibles and also Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Deadman's Chest figures and collectables

Medicom's "Real Action Hero" line is a world-renowned series of high-end collector's edition, 1/6th scale action figures, featuring one of the most poseable and realistic bodies ever created, all wrapped in top-quality costumes made with the finest materials and workmanship

Japanese manufacturer Enterbay unleash their fabulous action hero line of statues on the UK with the Real Masterpieces line of figures. This series includes Bruce Lee in Enter the dragon and Jet Li in Fearless amongst others.

Now you can own several collectible toys based on the mates and machines in the hit British TV comedy, Red Dwarf! Check out the Red Dwarf itself, the Mother Ship!

A Seen on Spike TV! Ren Höek and Stimpson J. Cat are back!

Considered the ultimate gangster film, Scarface features Al Pacino's classic performance as ruthless Tony Montana.

Palisades Toys is proud to pay tribute to the most famous street in the world with their series of highly detailed Sesame Street collectible action figures.

Movie & TV collectibles from Sideshow Toys including statues, action figures, maquettes from Alien, Predator, James Bond, Spider-Man, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Prison Break, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jack Bauer 24, Jaws Movie, Elvis Presley, Lord of the Rings, Chucky Horror Movies, Frankenstein's monster, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Hannibal Lector, Saw, Terminator, Robocop, Tony Montana Scarface, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rocky, Hellboy, Zorro, Flash Gordon and many more items of tv and film memorabilia

The Simpsons toys, The Simpsons statues, The Simpsons figures, The Simpsons collectables

Sin City action figures, Sin City Marv 18 inch talking figure, Sin City Headknockers, Sin City Marv statue, Sin City Flask, Sin City ID & Lighter, Sin City Playing Cards, Sin City posters

South Park action figures, colectables

Spawn action figures, Spawn toys, Spawn playsets from McFarlane toys

Spider-man figures, gift sets, toys, collectables, Spider-Man 3 action figures, Spider-Man 3 video game figures, Spider-Man Movie Action figures, Spider-Man comics action figures

Stargate Atlantis figures depicting the cast of Stargate Atlantis. Collect each Stargate Atlantis figure from Series 1 and Series 2 to create your own figure-sized Atlantis-style Stargate!

Stargate SG-1 Action Figures and collectables

Star Trek toys, Star Trek figures and collectables

Star Wars action figures, Star Wars figures, Star Wars lightsabers, Star Wars Collectables, Sideshow Collectables Figures, Gentle Giant busts, Master Replicas, Hasbro Star Wars figures

Statues and busts inspired by great comic books and movies

DC Direct statues, busts, fiigures, collectables from the Superman Returns movie

Find many collectibles from the hit American TV show Supernatural here, including coffee mugs and more.

Teen Titans action figures and toys

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, TMNT toys, TMNT collectables

The battle rages on with Transformers figures, toys, busts, statues and collectables

Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood has been a massive success. Get in on the action with these great Torchwood action figures, toys and other collectibles from the sci-fi hit of the new millenium.

TRADING CARDS - We stock the latest Trading cards as they are released - email us at or phone us on 0114-2569604 for any others you require

From the pairing of Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, and Dark Horse Comics came The Umbrella Academy. Here are collectables from this successful comic series...

The Underdog cartoon series is one of the most recognized animated super-heroes series of all time. Mezco is thrilled to announce the first series of 6-inch Underdog figures, timed perfectly with the revival of the old and the arrival of the new Underdog for adult fans and children alike. The cast of characters include: Polly Purebread, Underdog, Simon Barsinister, and Riff Raff, and they are super-hip, super-retro, and classic all at the same time!

The popular Weird-Ohs model kits, the classic 1960s multi-million selling phenomenon, return with all-new models cast from the original molds! Endsville Eddie's broken brakes have done it again - there he is with his whip-lashed head wobbling like mad, and his jumbled jalopy sitting right smack in the middle of the track. Sling Rave Curvette's handsome boyfriend has taken his ghoulish goddess for a spin in his new hot rod, promising some hair-raising thrills on the drag strip.

statues, figures and collectables from the world of Anime and Manga

we stock the latest WWE Wrestling for your collection including WWE Ruthless Aggression, WWE PPV, Classic Superstars, WWE Adrenaline series ..

figures, dolls, collectables based on the X-Files

E-Mail us for latest availability & prices for any you can't find on the site we usually get fresh deliveries 2 or3 times every week of Yu-Gi-Oh cards as well as the latest Pokemon & Magic cards.

Tom & Jerry: Vignette Collection Figures

Tom & Jerry: Vignette Collection Figures

Price: 16.77

Imported from Japan! The antics of Tom and Jerry, a housecat and the mouse he chased, thrilled audiences for years with their animated shorts. Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for MGM, these characters have proven to be enduringly popular, decades after their first appearance. These Tom & Jerry Vignette Collection Figures recreate some of the classic moments in the eternal chase between cat and mouse, from a tender moment between the rivals to Jerry's frequent attempts at tricking his rival. Each figure stands 5" tall and comes in window box packaging. Scheduled to ship in November 2008.

Lots More Movie, Sci-Fi, Comics, Music Action figures and Collectibles Coming Soon

Lots More Movie, Sci-Fi, Comics, Music Action figures and Collectibles Coming Soon

Please note with 'coming soon' items, as always with any order, we do not charge your credit card until items are ready to ship. We will advise you accordingly.

This is where you'll find some of the great new movie, scifi & comics merchandise coming soon to - keep checking back as items are added regularly. Currently you will find Action Figures from McFarlane Toys Monsters, Classic Star Trek figures from Art Asylum, Muppets figures, Monopoly ...Transformers figures, Transformers toys; Matrix figures McFarlane toys; Alias action figures featuring Sidney and Vaughn, Alien Queen, Alien and Predator deluxe boxed set from McFarlane toys, Living Dead Doll Fashion Victims, Terminator action figures including T-850, T-X Terminatrix, Terminatrix Endoskeleton, Terminator 3 12 inch figure with sound, Terminator boxed set, Simpsons action figures, Simpsons Busts of Bart, Lisa, Homer & Marge, . . .Nightmare Before Christmas Bobble Heads and figure sets, Batman figures, Diamond Select, DC Comics action figures, Fist of the North Star figures, Pop Culture Books, ...Lord of the Rings merchandise, Yu-GiOh! cards.....Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cradle of Life figures, Statues and mini_Busts... Calendars....Magic the Gathering action figures, Living Dead Dolls, Lord of the Rings The Return of the King action figures, Scarface figures, Goonies figures, Anime action figures, Johnny Lighting Simpsons, De Lorean Back to the Future and Ghostbusters Die Cast Cars..Predator Defeated Bust, Classic Star Trek action figures, Simpsons environment, Mini-Muppets, TMNT figures, Friday the Thirteenth Jason 18-inch action figure, Transformers Shockwave Bust, X-Men Night Crawler Mini-Statue, DC Heroes Bobble heads, Family Guy action figures, Marvel Comic action figures, Spider-Man action figures, Lord of the Rings staues and busts, bobbing heads...LOTR games, Backgammon, Flash Gordon & Ming Mini-Bust set, some fantastic new Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles, Simpsons collectibles and gifts, Muppets merchandise, more bobble heads, Gremlins extremely cute Gizmo mugs, diaries, address books;

Living Dead Dolls, Living Dead Dolls Game, Muppets Busts, Muppets figures series 6, Dark Carnival figures, Mini Living Dead Dolls, Alien Mez-Its, Michael Myers 12" figure, Muppets Pigs in space Playset, Crow comic mini statue, Lord of the Rings collectibles, Aragorn & Legolas, Sideshow ~Collectibles, More Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles including NBX ornaments, NBX playing cards,NBX snow globe, Simpsons Barney Moes Tavern flashing wall Clock, Bart Simpsons clocks, Hellraiser figures, House of 1,000 Corpses action figures, Clerks Inaction figures, Adult Swim, Masters of the Universe figures, Lord of the rings Miniatures, Army of Darkness Mez-Its, Monty Python figures, Alien Queen bust, Zorro mini-bust, Star Trek Prop Replicas, Star Wars Prop Replicas, Living Dead Dolls, Head Knockers... Movie collectibles from Sideshow including Rocky, Rambo, Scarface, James Bond collectibles ... and many more movie, Sci-fi comics action figures and collectibles

Please note with 'coming soon' items, as always with any order, we do not charge your credit card until items are ready to ship. We will advise you accordingly.


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