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Call of Duty action figures, experience the cinematic intensity of WWII's epic battles. Now, the power of Call of Duty comes to fans in an entirely new format from McFarlane Toys! Series 1 includes MARINE CORPS (w/Machine Gun) Battle of Okinawa, BRITISH SPECIAL OPS Battle for the Roer Triangle, MARINE CORPS (w/Flamethrower) TheBattle of Peleliu, MARINE INFANTRY The Battle of Peleliu

Gears of War action figures of the heroes and villains of the Gears of War Xbox 360 video game!

One of the best selling games for both Microsofts ventures in the the Video Console world, Halo has legions of fans. Here we have the very best in Halo figures, statues and collectables to accomodate all Halo fans!

Best selling PC game bursts into action figure form in this incredible debut line from DC Unlimited. WORLD OF WARCRAFT is the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game with over 8 million devoted subscribers, and now its characters have been sculpted as action figures by DC Unlimited! * Orc Shaman: Rehgar Earthfury * Blood Elf Rogue: Valeera Sanguinar * Dwarf Warrior: Thargas Anvilmar * Undead Warlock: Meryl Felstorm

A brand new series comprised of fan-favorite characters from the world of video games! Series 1 is is scheduled to include: Lara Croft (from Tomb Raider: Legend), Kain (from Legacy of Kain), and Agent 47 (Hitman: Blood Money). Each fully poseable figure measures 7" tall scale and includes game-accurate accessories! Blister card packaging.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the most successful horror survival video game franchise! This collection presents brand new figures of some of the most popular characters from the game's early days. Series includes: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Zombie with Dog, and Hunk. Each figure stands 6.5"-7" tall and comes complete with accessories.

This collection continues with a focus on the monsters and creatures of Resident Evil. Figures included are characters like the lovable Tyrant. This beastie stands approximately 10" tall, and features a ball-jointed neck, torson, shoulders, and fingers on his monster hand.

Prepare for combat with these 6" figures based on the hit video game series. Series includes: Noob, Reptile, Jonny Cage, and Kano.

Featuring all-new articulation and sculpts, Jazwares offers it's brand new wave of the best-selling Mortal Kombat 6" action figures! This wave is scheduled to include: Kung Lao, Lui Kang, Scorpion (Shoalin Monks version), and Sub-Zero (Shoalin Monks version). Blister card packaging.

From the Playstation 2 video game Devil May Cry we present the Devil May Cry action figures. Though he was a demon, the legendary swordsman awoke one day to justice. Alone he defeated the demon army and inprisoned their emporer, Mundus, saving the human world from damnation. Now 2000 years later in a large American metropolis, a man named Dante, a private investigator of the supernatural, is seeking revenge for the death of his mother and brother. However Dante comes face to face with his destiny, discovering the evil conspiracy goes back thousands of years and tha the evil Mundus has risen anew. The world is waiting, for Dante is no ordinary man, and with his father's sword in hand, he must enter the demon realm and avenge mankind. This fantastically detailed line of Devil May Cry action figures from Yamato consists of Dante, Trish and Marionettes.


From the best-selling PS2 game God of War comes the highly requested and long-awatied Kratos action figure! Kratos will be offered in 2 different versions: Standard and Golden Fleece. Both figures stand over 7 tall and feature loads of articulation, including ball-jointed neck, shoulders, torso, and arms.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver action figures including Legacy of Kain Raziel action figure

Metal Gear Solid Action figures

Nintendo calendar with exciting colourful pictures showing popular video games including Super Mario Bros from Nintendo in these official Nintendo calendar.

Nintendo poster, Nintendo video game posters including Super Mario poster, Nintendo cast poster

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Resident Evil is known in Japan as Biohazard it is an acclaimed survival horror series of video games developed by Capcom and created by Shinji Mikami. The success of the series has led to the creation of Resident Evil comic books, novelizations, Resident Evil movies, guides, collectibles, Resident Evil books and Resident Evil action figures and toys.

The revolution is here! Fans have been asking for these figures since the classic Street Fighter II game and SOTA finally delivers! Street Fighter Revolutions round one will consist of R Mika, E. Honda, Zangief, and Dhalsim. These 6" scale figures are Anime styled, yet still have same level of detail and articulation fans expect from SOTA Toys!

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft, globe-trotting Tomb Raider of video game and movie fame returns to screens this summer in the action-packed sequel, Tomb Raider 2 Cradle of Life, and here’s the Tomb Raider action figures that bring star Angelina Jolie home to your toy collection with new, realistic scans of the actress’s likeness! This Tomb Raider figure assortment includes: Lara in Tomb Raider Gear, Lara in Wetsuit, and Shadow Guardian.

Ultima Online action figures

PC Games, Computer Games, Video Games

PC Games, Computer Games, Video Games

Latest & greatest PC Games, Computer Games, Video Games, Starstore PC & Video Games Store: Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Games Hardware, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Other Platforms, PC Games, Children's PC & Video Games, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Plug & Play TV Games, Sony PSP, Strategy Guides, Xbox, Xbox 360 featuring the latest movie and tv video games.

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Video Games Action Figures

Video Games Action Figures

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Video Games action figures & toys

Video Games action figures & toys

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