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Inspired by the art of Brian Bolland Four of Gotham City’s most infamous residents are included in this series!

It’s an all-star lineup featuring the work of two fan-favorite artists in this series! Four of DC’s superstars are represented here: Batman, Batgirl, Superman and Super Lois.

Scheduled to ship in September 2008

The popular Green Lantern action figure line continues with a brand-new third series! The series features Cyborg Superman, Batman as a Green Lantern, Sinestro and Star Sapphire, all from Geoff Johns’ historic run on GREEN LANTERN and featured prominently in the popular "Sinestro Corps War" story arc!

Based on the classic stories in the SHOWCASE PRESENTS Library! Four DC characters are presented here as they were portrayed by some of their top artists! This inaugural series includes Superman by Curt Swan, Batgirl by Carmine Infantino, Hawkman by Joe Kubert, and Jonah Hex by Tony DeZuniga.

Based on the art of George Perez One of the most popular Teen Titans storylines of all time appears in 3-D, with female assassin Terra infiltrating the Teen Titans as a spy for Deathstroke (seen here without his mask), thus threatening the lives of Robin, Jericho, and the rest of the team! Each Teen Titans figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. Deathstroke action figure, Terra action figure, Robin action figure, Jericho action figure.

New Gods action figures based on the art of Jack Kirby, hot from the pages of COUNTDOWN, inspired by the work of Jack Kirby comes the best-loved heroes of the Fourth World Universe: Noble New Genesis residents Orion, Lightray and Mister Miracle, as well as the evil Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips!

DC Direct presents the birth of the world’s greatest Superhero team, Smallville style! Grab a moment of the episode entitled "JUSTICE," where some of Earth’s greatest heroes come together for the first time! Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) sends out for reinforcements and Impulse (Bart Allen), Aquaman (Arthur "AC" Curry) and Cyborg (Victor Stone) return to Smallville to help him take down LuthorCorp’s secret lab. Smallville series 2 action figures include: Impulse figure, Green Arrow figure, Clark Kent figure, Aquaman, and Cyborg figure.

The TRINITY action figure assortment brings Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, in the birth of their legendary alliance as they face the billionaire eco-terrorist Ra’s al Ghul! In TRINITY, witness for the first time ever the meeting of Superman and Batman with Wonder Woman!

Justice League of America series 2 action figures include Hawkgirl figure, Dr. Impossible figure, Batman action figure and Amazo figure.

The third series of action figures based on the popular DC Comic Justice League of America are here! Designed by Ed Benes, the illustrator of the Justice League of America comics, these figures of Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Geo-Force are the latest heroes to be made into action figures!

This DC Reactivated series 4 features a collection of some of DC Comics' most popular superheroes, including classic versions of Batman figures and Wonder Woman figures, as well as Superman figures and a Hawkman figure from the alternate universe of Earth-Two.

DC Armory action figures are based on unique armory designs from the most popular DC comics. Each DC Armory action figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. This DC Armory action figure series includes: Aquaman Armored figure 7.25", Batman Armored figure 6.75", Flamebird figure 6", Nightwing action figure 6"

Designed by Terry Dodson and based on the best-selling Wonder Woman series! Each Wonder Woman action figure features multiple points of articulation and a display base. Wonder Woman action figures are approximately 6.625 inches tall and include Agent Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, Circe, and Donna Troy as Wonder Woman.

Justice League Action figures from DC Comics - continuing the best-selling DC Direct action figure line designed by Alex Ross! Each Justice series 7 figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. The Justice series includes: Gorilla Grodd 7.25", Aquaman 7.25",Superman 7.25", and Green Lantern 6.25"

Featuring modified versions of four of the characters from the landmark miniseries from DC Comics! This Infinite Crisis Action Figure Box Set includes battle-damaged Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Omac. This set includes a 32-page comic, and is packaged in a four-color window box.

The DC Direct AME-COMI Girls PVC Statue line brings the distinct Japanese style of Manga to DC Comics’ female heroines and their foes! Includes Ame-Comi Batgirl figure, Ame-comi Catwoman figure and more ...

Designed by Darwyn Cooke, each of The New Frontier series 2 figures feature multiple points of articulation and a base.The New Frontier series 2 action figures include Batman, The Flash, Dr. Fate and Martian Manhunter figures.

Designed by Andy Kubert Based on the best-selling BATMAN series storyline: BATMAN & SON, art by Andy Kubert, written by Grant Morrison. Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. * Batman 6.75" * The Joker 6.75" * Robin & Damian 2-Pack 3.75" & 4.75" * Ninja Manbat 6.75"

Superman vs. Doomsday Collector's Set, Superman vs Doomsday action figures, Superman, Doomsday, Solar Suit Superman, & Lex Luthor/Robot.

Out of DC's 'Infinite Crisis' came '52'! Each 52 action figure measures about 6 1/2 inches tall, boasts multiple points of articulation, features character-specific accessories and comes with a display base. 52: A year without Superman; a year without Batman; a year without Wonder Woman - but not a year without heroes such as Animal Man, Isis, Supernova, Batwoman, Booster Gold

Infinite Crisis action figures from DC Direct based on the DC Comics Infinte Crisis comics. Infinite Crisis series 1 action figures include: Earth Prime Superboy, Alexander Luthor, Omac, Power Girl, Mongul Action figures. Infinite Crisis series 2 action figures includes Superman figure, Batman figure, Firestorm figure, Donna Troy figure, Wonder Woman figure and (Donna Troy) Wonder Girl figure

Batman Dark Victory series 1 action figures feature multiple points of articulation and a display base. Packaged in four-color boxes. Batman Dark Victory series 1 action figures include Commissioner Gordon figure, Robin & Penguin figure, Batman figure, and Scarecrow figure

DC Comic’s most famous and infamous characters are brought together in one sizzling selection from DC Direct! DC Direct re-activated! Superman, Batman, Wonder woman and Lobo re-activated action figures

DC Direct 13-inch colector Figures include Power Girl figure, Batgirl 13-inch Collector figures, Nightwing 13-inch collector figure, Shazam! 13-inch deluxe collector figure, Aquaman 13-inch deluxe collector figure, Cat Woman 13-inch deluxe collector figure, Superman 13-inch deluxe collector figure ...

Based on the art of Ed McGuinness! The Man of Steel, the Dark Knight Superman and Batman! Metallo, Captain Atom, SHAZAM! Public enemies figures series 1.

Supergirl, Superman, Batman, Darkseid, Corrupted Supergirl action figures

Based on the art of Ed McGuinness An amazing new series of figures featuring more characters from the Public Enemies TP. Each figure comes with character specific accessories and a display base and is packaged in a four-color blister. Figures include Steel/Natasha Irons 6.25" * Future Superman 6.75" * Nightwing 6.75" * Armored Lex Luthor 7.5" * Hawkman 7.75"

Superman/Batman series 4 action figures: With a Vengeance Action figures

The best-selling Superman/Batman action figure line continues with Vengeance 2 figures! Designed by: Ed McGuinness. Each Super/Batman figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. Supergirl figure, Power Girl action figure, Batman/Superman figures, The Joker & Mr. Mxyzpltk action figures 2-pack.

In the wake of the catastrophic events that played out in Identity Crisis comes this series of action figures showcasing a selection of the prime players (and suspects) from the critically acclaimed DC Comics mini-series.

Green Arrow figure, Doctor Light figure, Zatanna figure, Hawkman figure

Batman Begins Action figures, Batman Begins statues and Batman Begins Collectables, Batman Begins posters from the Batman Begins movie

Introducing a new line of action figures direct from the pages of the best-selling "Hush" story arc and designed by fan-favorite Jim Lee! Batman, Gotham City’s grim defender, must stalk the trail of the masked Hush in a heroic quest for redemption and justice! The Batman Hush Action Figures


A new line of figures direct for the pages of DC Comics' Best-Selling graphic novels: Red Son, Thrillkiller and Crimson Mist!

The set includes:

Thrillkiller Batgirl - Bored heiress Barbara Gordon teams up with free-spirited Dick Grayson in 1960s Gotham.

Crimson Mist Batman - To defeat the legion of vampires overrunning Gotham, a bitten Batman pays the ultimate price.

Thrillkiller Batman - After the death of Robin, police detective Bruce Wayne adopts the mantle of Batman to continue his crusade.

Red Son Superman - If the Man of Steel had crash-landed in Russia, he would have become the defender of the Soviet Union.

Red Son Wonder Woman - The Amazon Princess is cast as a Soviet diplomat and companion to the Man of Steel but she is also the only person on Earth who can match his might.


Comics superstars Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee & Scott Williams joined forces for the "Hush" storyline running through Batman #608-619 — and it’s proven to be one of the most popular and successful Batman adventures in recent years. Now, following up on the successful first wave of action figures based on this thrilling tale, DC Direct proudly presents the Batman Hush Series 2 Action Figures! This series includes: Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Superman and Riddler Action Figure.

Batman The Long Halloween Series 1 Action Figures includes Batman figure, Catwoman figure, Two Face figure, Joker Figure and Mad Hatter figure. Joseph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Batman: The Long Halloween revealed the chilling events that transformed Harvey Dent into Batman's deadly enemy, Two-Face! Each figure in this series.

Worlds lived! Worlds died! In 1985, the DC Universe was rocked to its foundation by the cataclysmic events played out in Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s multi-universe collision in Crisis on Infinite Earths. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of this critically acclaimed masterpiece, DC Comics introduces this exciting new series of action figures showcasing the heroes and villains that played a prominent role in defining the continuity of the DC Universe. Series 1 Crisis on Infinite Earths action figures include Harbinger figure, Psycho-Pirate figure, Supergirl figure, Earth 2 Robin figure and Monitor figure.

Celebrate the landmark first appearances of DC Comics’ legendary icons in this series of stunning action figures depicting the most popular heroes in their original, debut costumes! This third series includes: Composite Superman (1964 World’s Finest #142); Cassandra Cain, the all-new Batgirl (1999’s Batman #567); Nightwing (1984’s Tales of the Teen Titans #44); and The Riddler (Batman #171).

DC Direct's JLA: The New Frontier action figures include Green Lantern actiion figure, Green Arrow action figure, Wonder Woman action figure, Blackhawk action figure and Superman action figure

They are the "All-Stars" of the DC Universe! Now, members of the JSA - the Justice Society of America - both new and old are commemorated as action figures! Mr. Terrific, Hawkgirl, Dr. Midnite, Hourman, the Golden Age Atom 2 pack

Justice League action figures, collectables, Alex Ross Justice League figures

Mark Waid's and Alex Ross's unique and enduring vision of the DC Universe's dark, possible future comes to spectacular life with the KINGDOM COME ACTION FIGURES.

Direct from the pages of DC Comics' highly acclaimed series and graphic novels comes the Kingdom Come action figures by DC Direct. Based on artwork by Alex Ross. Kingdom Come Series 1 features Superman (7 inches tall), Wonder Woman (6.5 inches tall with golden lasso and base), Hawkman (7.25 inches tall with non-removable necklace and 8 inch spear) and Green Lantern (6.5 inches tall with translucent green PVC sword)... exactly as they appear in the pages of the comics! All figures are 1:12 scale and have multiple points of articulation. Packaged in a 4-color window box, these figures are exquisitely sculpted and finely detailed.

Build your own Batmobile with these Johnny Lightning die-cast kits featuring Batman's favorite wheels. Remember, "It's the car. Chicks dig the car." Blister card packaging.1:64 scale. This assortment features Batmobile 1940s, Batmobile 1960s, BatGyro, BatBoat


JUSTICE LEAGUE ANIMATED ACTION FIGURES WAVE 4 Based on the hit Cartoon Network series! This wave of Justice League action figures features the Justice League as they appear on the animated TV show airing on the Cartoon Network!

Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. - Action Figures: include Batman 7" Superman 6.75" Wonder Woman 6.75" Green Lantern 6.75"

Take a glimpse behind the cowl in this second series of action figures showcasing the secret identities and origins of DC Comics’ most renowned heroes and villains. Martian Manhunter Action Figure, Bruce Wayne Batman, Red Hood Joker figure, Clark Kent Superman figure.

Teen Titans Massive Feature figures, Teen Titans Comic book Heroes figures, Teen Titans T-Vehicles, Teen Titans Battling Machines

A brand new line of figures featuring newly sculpted versions of Batman including Hydrosuit Batman, Battle Armor Batman, Zipline Batman, Martial Arts Batman, Robin and the Joker! Collect them all and stage your own Gotham City Adventures!

BATMAN ANIMATED FIGURE/VEHICLE PACKS Send the Dark Knight Detective into action on the mean streets of Gotham city with this new assortment of Batman Animated figure/vehicle packs, each featuring a different animated-style action figure and accessory vehicle. The BATCYCLE features a pull-back mechanism and launching missile; The BATCOPTER has spring-loaded missile pods that swing down, plus a propeller-spinning mechanism. BATMAN BATMOBILE VEHICLE: the dynamic duo drive the Batmobile to crime scenes in Gotham City arriving in style! Tandem seating allows Batman and Robin to ride side by side. Robin's seat becomes a detachable motorcycle with spring-loaded wings that swing out when the cycle ejects. The Batmobile's rear wing detaches as well to become Batman's jetpack.

These Deluxe Batman figures stand approximately 6" tall and feature detailed styling with authentic sculpting and high-tech gadgetry. There are three different figures in the assortment, each one including a different kind of armor and innovative accessories. Tek Armor Batman, Stealth Armor Batman, Night Patrol Batman. Blister card packaging.


Manufactured by Japanese toy manufacturer Yamato exclusively for the Japanese toy market, these limited-edition Batman figures are now available under special arrangement with DC Direct!

Corgi Batman Die-Cast Vehicles: From Britain's Corgi comes this series of die-cast collectibles based on the many incarnations of Batman's trademark vehicles. Choose from: 1940 Batmobile, 1960 Batmobile, 2000 Version 1, and 1960 Batmarine. All in 1:43 scale. Window box packaging.

now in stock!

Manufactured by Japanese manufacturer Yamato exclusively for the Japanese toy market, these are fantastic limited-edition Batman figures.

Batman Monopoly

Batman Monopoly

Price: 28.75

In this collectable Batman Monopoly with classic comic book artwork and 6 collectible pewter tokens, Batman Monopoly players vie to own GOTHAM CITY’s most coveted real estate, including POISON IVY’s Botanical Gardens, WAYNE MANOR, and the BATCAVE. A must-have for BATMAN enthusiasts!

Once again, villains lurk in the shadows of GOTHAM CITY. But darkness is on your side.

The DARK KNIGHT can surely bring rule to an unruly world. Can you? From CRIME ALLEY to THE PENGUIN’S ICEBERG LOUNGE to the BATCAVE, now you can buy, sell and trade GOTHAM CITY’s most coveted real estate and take control of the city.

Defeat the enemies by taking control of their hangouts and become the ultimate crime fighter as you vie to own it all in this special edition of the world’s most famous board game, MONOPOLY. All components are customized to honor the “GUARDIAN OF GOTHAM CITY”. It’s time to bring justice to those who harm the innocent.

Ages 8+ 2-6 Players

Batman Monopoly Game includes:

Game Board · Title Deed Cards · Batman Money & Banker’s Tray · TWO-FACE Coin Toss & Gotham News Stand Cards · 32 houses renamed Lofts · 12 hotels renamed Skyscrapers · 6 Collectible Pewter Tokens (BATMAN, ROBIN, CATWOMAN, BATMOBILE, BAT-SIGNAL, The Joker’s Chattering Teeth· Dice · Rules

- BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

Batman Monopoly from USAopoly
Batman Monopoly board

Batman 1/6 Scale Vinyl Statue DC Direct/ Kotobukiya

Batman 1/6 Scale Vinyl Statue DC Direct/ Kotobukiya

Price: 76.45

Batman 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Statue.

DC Direct and Kotobukiya present this deluxe 1:6 scale vinyl statue of Batman, the Guardian of Gotham City! This superb vinyl statue stands approximately 11.5" x tall 11.5" x wide 10.25" deep. Batman comes painted and ready for display the figure is limited to 3,000 and comes attractively packaged in a 4-color Batman themed box.

Batman 1/6 Scale Vinyl Statue DC Direct/ Kotobukiya



Price: 33.95

Armed with his deadly arsenal of custom-made umbrellas, The Penguin will not hesitate to rain bullets on Gotham City’s criminal competition, particularly those with nine lives! But Catwoman has more than claws to prove she’s no friendly feline and often relies on her cat-o’-nine-tails to prove she’s in charge! Both figures:

stand approximately 6" tall, include all accessories, feature multiple points of articulation, the set includes a roof-top base, packaged in a 4-color window box.



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