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Austin Powers movie standups include Austin Powers standups, Dr Evil life-siz standup, Felicity Shagwell standee

life-size standups from the movie Superman Returns, Suoermman Returns standees, Superman standups, Lois Lane standup, Lex Luthor standup, Jimmy Olsen standup, Superman Clark Kent standee

Life Size standee of Bruce Lee

Betty Boop standups, standees cartoon 50's 40's illustration classic animation

Life size standees from the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Life size Standups feature Buffy standup, Spike standup and Angel standup

Charmed life sized standups - Paige Matthews standup, Piper Halliwell standee and Phoebe Halliwell standups from the television series Charmed

Doctor Who standups, Dr Who standees, Doctor Who life size cardboard cutouts include Dalek standup, Doctor Who standup, Cyberman standup, Dalek Caan standee, Dalek Sec standup, Martha Jones standup, The Doctor standup, David Tennant Dr Who standup

Life size standees of Elvis the King; a great choice of life size standups of Elvis Presley, standup of Elvis in Gold Lame, Elvis from GI Blues standup, Elvis anniversary standup, Elvis Presley standup with guitar, Elvis with Guitar and Drums standup . .,

Standup of Brian the dog & Standup of Stewie Griffin from the hit television show The Family Guy, standee of Family Guy, Cardboard cutout

High School Musical standups, life size standees, Zac Efron as Troy Bolton standup, Gabriella Montez standup Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Sharpay Evans standup, Ryan Evans standup, Chad Dansforth standee and Taylor Mckessie cardboard cutouts

James Dean standups, Humphrey Bogart Standups, Marilyn Monroe standups, John Wayne standups, Rocky standups

life size standups of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, Universal Monsters stadees, Horor film standups

life-size card board cutouts of John Wayne, The Duke standups

famous Laurel and Hardy comedy team standups

Lord of the Rings life size standees and standups available include Legolas standup Orlando Bloom, Gollum, Frodo, the Hobbits, Gandalf, Aragorn, standee of Legolas and Gimli, Saruman ...From the epic adventure movie trilogy of the Lord of the Rings we are proud to present these life size standees, full colour life-like cardboard cut-outs, standees, standups of characters from the movies of the Lord of the Rings featuring Legolas standup, Gollum standup, Smeagol standup, Aragorn standup, Gandalf standup, Frodo standup, Orlando Bloom Legolas And Gimli standup, Saruman standup and the Hobbits standups. Also standups of Eowyn and Arwen from Return of the King.

Marilyn Monroe life size standees include life size standup of Marilyn in White swimsuit and standup of Marilyn from 'Seven Year Itch' with dress blowing up, we also have others available please email if you would details of any others not shown on the web-site.

Music star standups, Beyonce standups, Kiss standups, Elvis Presley standups

PARIS HILTON STANDUP, NICOLE RICHIE STANDUP from The Simple Life, Cardboard Cutouts of Paris Hilton, Standee of Nicole Richie

Jack Sparrow standup, Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow standee, Johnny Depp standup, Johnny Depp standee, Will Turner Orlando Bloom standup, Orlando Bloom standee, Elizabeth Swann standup, Elizabeth Swann standee, Pirates of the Caribbean Keira Knightley standup, Keira Knightley standee, Davy Jones standup, Pirates of the Caribbean standup, Pirates standee, cardboard cut out, Deadman's Chest standup, Pintel and Ragetti standup, Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End Hadras standup, Maccus standup and Captain Barbossa standup

boxing standees from the Rocky movies include Rocky Balboa standup Sylvester stallone and Clubber Lang standup - Mr T.

standups of the Smpsons - Bart Simpson standup, Homer Simpson standup and standee of the Simpsons girls

standups from SpongeBob, Sponge Bob standees

Star Trek life size standees include Spock standup, Kirk, Data, Picard standup, 7 of 9 standee, Captain Archer standup , T'Pol, Janeway, in fact all your favourites as life size standups from Star Trek The Original Series, Star Trek The Next Generation standups, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Enterprise standees and Star Trek Deep Space Nine standupsincluding Dax and Odo!

Star Wars life size standups include favourite characters from Classic Star Wars including Han Solo standup, Princess Leia standup, Yoda, Chewbacca standee, R2D2, C3PO, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader standup, Storm Trooper, Boba Fett standup and many more Star Wars life size standees of Star Wars characters. Star Wars Episode I characters include Jar Jar Binks, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Queen Amidala, Battle Droid, Watto and Darth Maul. From Episode II comes standees of Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala standup, Zam Wessell, Jango Fett standup, Clone Trooper and Yoda with lightsaber standup. If you can't see a favourite Star Wars character standup on the site please Email us as we can probably supply in a short period as stock constantly updates.

these are great standups from Terminator 2. Arnold Scwarzenegger standup, Terminator standup and also Terminatrix standup

Angelina Jolie standups, Tomb Raider standups, Lara Crodt standees

From Universal Studios Life size horror standups, standee of Dracula, The Mummy standup and Frankenstein

life-size cardboard cut-outs of Vin Diesel

large standups of your favourite classic Walt Disney characters including Mickey Mouse standup. Minnie Mouse standee, colour cardboard cut-outs of Disney Princesses such as Cinderella standup, Snow White standee, Belle standup, Aurora cutout, Ariel standee, Disney Fairies like Tinker Bell standups, Winnie the Pooh standups including Tigger standee, Eeyore standee, Piglet standup and cardboard cut-outs of Winne the Pooh

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - standups from the classic movie the Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland, Dorothy and Toto standup, Lion,Tin Man and Scarecrow standee, Wicked Witch on broomstick standee, Wicked Witch melting, Good Witch standup, Munchkins standup

Life-size standups of WWE Wrestlers, WWE standees including WWE Batista Lifesize Standup, WWE John Cena Lifesize Standup, wrestler Kurt Angle Lifesize Standup Melina Wrestling Cutout, Rey Mysterio life size standee, Torrie Wilson standup, Triple H standup, Undertaker standee, Trish Stratus cardboard cutout, Chris Jerico standup

Spider-man standups,

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin standup walking on the Moon

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin standup walking on the Moon

Price: 24.95

Life-size standup of astronaut Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon. This is a great, historic standup.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin standup

Xena Warrior Princess Lifesize Standee

Xena Warrior Princess Lifesize Standee

Price: 24.99

Life-size (5' 11" tall) standup of Xena (Lucy Lawless) holding her sword.

Zorro Standup, Zorro life size Standee

Zorro Standup, Zorro life size Standee

Price: 24.95

The masked hero Zorro as a life-size standup.

Zorro Standup, Zorro life size Standee

Life Size Standups - Standees - Cut Outs

Life Size Standups - Standees - Cut Outs

Free-standing, life-size cardboard cut-outs of your favourite movie and music stars. Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffy, Angel, The Simpsons, Austin Powers, Tomb Raider. Standups of Classic Movie stars such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, Horror includes Freddie Krueger, Jason Friday the Thirteenth, Dracula and musical stars featuring Life size standees from Elvis to Christina Aguilera to Kiss.


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