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McFARLANE TOYS AND ACTION FIGURES McFarlane Toys is one of the largest toy manufacturers in the industry. Established in 1994 to manufacture and sell toys based on the comic book superhero "Spawn." Todd McFarlane, a Canadian artist, created the superhero "Spawn" and his comic books are currently among the world's best selling and McFarlane Toys' action figures rank consistently in the top 5 in the U.S. market.
Each year McFarlane Toys introduces new lines of "Spawn" toys and since 1997 have expanded its lines of licensed products with themes such as movies (Spawn and Austin Powers) and the renowned McFarlane Toys Movie Maniacs series, Japanimation and Anime such as Akira, Horror such as the Tortured Souls series of action figures and rock music with the likes of McFarlane Toys' Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Garcia, Jim Morrison, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden Eddie and many more respected rock artists, video games (Metal Gear Solid, ). and the range of Sports Picks including the NFL series and the NHL series.The licenses keep coming with McFarlane Toys' reputation for superior design, attention to detail and high quality.

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MOVIE MANIACS ACTION FIGURES McFARLANE TOYS Movie Maniacs are one of the biggest selling and collectable lines from McFarlane Toys. New releases of McFarlane Toys Movie Maniacs are always eagerly anticipated and many achieve a rapid sell through and can soon become scarce and very desirable. McFarlane Toys Movie Maniacs series include the now classic horror figures of Jason Friday the Thirteenth, Freddie Kreuger, Ghostface Scream, Michael Myers, Ash, Edward Scissor Hands, McFarlane toys King Kong,McFarlane toys Chucky, The Fly, Blair Witch, Candyman, Aliens the list of Mcfarlane Toys Movie Maniacs just goes on and so does the quality, superior design and attention to detail that has cemented the reputation of McFarlane Toys.